When Angels Seem Absent

Angels are always holding space for us. But we do not always know it . . .

Have you ever called on angels for help and felt like they were not there, even though they had been there for you in the past?

The Universal Law of Repulse states that there are times when the angels stand back and do not intervene to make their presence known.

This is because they want us to dig deeper so that we can become more empowered.

We may think that they have forsaken us. But they have not. They are actually holding space for us to discover unknown strengths within. It’s sort of like how we learn to do things for ourselves when we are young.

When my daughter was barely three, I started trying to teach her to tie her shoes. I didn’t know that kids don’t usually learn this skill until age 5 or 6.

She was not interested. Not at all. She wanted me to do it for her. I showed her again and again how to make a bow but she would not even try.

Then one day, a few months later, I was too busy to tie her shoes when she asked and told her she would have to wait until I finished what I was doing. She left the kitchen and reappeared a few minutes later with her shoes perfectly tied—apparently she had been paying attention all of those times I showed her how!

My refusal to help in the moment prompted her to figure it out for herself. And once she figured it out, she wanted to tie everyone’s shoes. She was very proud of her new-found ability to help the other children at her preschool and at her dance class.

The angels are always waiting for us to step up to new levels of our soul talents and abilities. Sometimes they seem to hold back their support in order to nudge us. And when we keep digging deeper, they celebrate our soul growth.