Colombian Vessels of Soul Initiations

As we prepare for the ascension of the planet, we ready ourselves to hold greater quantities of light. We open ourselves to creating space for new energies to amplify our purpose here on earth.

The Columbian Vessels of Soul Initiations fortify the light body

with new roots of empowerment.

Passed down from shaman to shaman, to Maria, to Starr and to Zabe, these sacred energies are now available to help us shine exponentially bright, expressing our innate Divinity for all to behold.

These energies are driven by purpose, delivering healing rays to the cause of disempowerment for a dramatically different way of being in the world. Each initiation goes to the core of being, providing a multilevel restructuring of our deep subconscious self.

Recipients generally experience a quiet celebration of awareness as dazzling new light floods the auric field. This is accompanied by a mercurial movement of energy that penetrates so deep that it stills body and mind and holds the heart for lasting transformation.

The Seven Vessels of Soul Initiations are offered in a series of seven Zoom or phone sessions, each lasting approximately 30 minutes. One initiation is offered per session. Each initiation requires at least three full days of integration before the next one can be received.


Holy Union:

Fine-tunes our alignment with our purpose as it strengthens relationships for ease in co-creation.

Quantum Leap:

Jumps us forward on our path--great for when stuck or moving too slowly.


Facilitates letting go of unwanted energies for peace of mind and ease of achieving goals.


Creates a network of support within relationships, career, and home environments.


Brings new levels of completion accompanied by a sense of self-love, wholeness and deep inner contentment.


Brings us to deeper and higher truth, activating us to live powerfully, with purpose.


Brings us into the NOW, amplifying our presence in the flow of creation.

Investment: $650

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