A User's Guide for Life!

In this 40 minute video, you will discover a quick and easy way to understand and become more aligned with the 105 Universal Laws that govern how everything works.

  • Discover the secret wisdom of the Ancient Mystery Schools
  • Learn more about accessing Universal Truth in the New Paradigm.
  • Become more aligned with your soul path as you also align with Universal Laws.

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105 Universal Laws Made Easy

Includes Deck, Reference Guide, Guidance & Instruction, and Energy Activations

You probably know by now that The Law of Attraction is just the tip of the iceberg. There are at least 105 universal laws that explain how everything in the universe works.

Getting to know these Laws has changed my life. It will change your life, too.

These laws teach:

  • How to be happy.
  • How to succeed.
  • How to manifest what you choose.
  • How to be of service to others.
  • How to teach.
  • How to heal.
  • How to raise your vibration and your consciousness.
  • And more!

In this class you will receive more than 8 hrs. of recorded teachings on the 105 Universal Laws. As a special bonus gift, you will also receive a divinatory deck that summarizes each Law in a simple sentence or phrase.

The cards carry healing energy to help you align more fully with each Law. You can use the deck to identify where you are out of alignment so that you may redirect and better focus your energies. Each card gives a Law, its brief description, and a two-word affirmation to further support conscious alignment with that Law (see the example above).

With this new easy-to-use divinatory and empowerment tool, you can discover:

  • Your personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Which universal energies most support you.
  • Where you are going against universal flow.
  • How to best align with what you most desire.
  • How to clear fear and embrace new possibilities.

Before working with a deck like this, some training is required so that you can receive the full depth of possibility available to you. This way of working with the Laws is not just an intellectual exercise; it is an energetically transformative process.

The full training includes:

  • 105 Universal Law Alignment cards that contain healing in each card.
  • More than 8 hrs. of recorded and video instruction about all 105 Laws.
  • Empowerment activations to jump-start your Universal Laws Activation Process.
  • An index to locate the recorded information about each individual Law so that you can listen to exactly what you need to know in the moment as you play with the cards.

The Universal Laws contain solutions for everything under the sun--and beyond!

It is a profound, easy, and fun deepening exploration of yourself and your world which will continue to unfold the more you consciously experience the Laws.


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