Uniting Polarities: Have You Kissed Your Shadow Lately?

Today is the Autumnal Equinox, a great day to kiss your shadow side. It is one of two days each year when we experience equivalent amounts of darkness and light. It is a great time for us to acknowledge the coexisting darkness and light within us as we center ourselves in the sweet spot between these seemingly opposing forces.

In 1997, I had a three day out-of-body experience that occurred spontaneously while I was praying to Blessed Mother Mary for Divine Assistance. For three full days, my body’s physical needs were frozen as I found myself suspended within the Heart of God. For three days I did not move.

Sacred Geometry, stars, galaxies, and parallel universes spiraled around me as I was taken deep into subatomic space and shown the building blocks and sacred keys of creation. It was as if I knew everything about everything, all in an instant. Time no longer existed. The knowledge of higher realms flooded my consciousness at warp speed as the harmonics of the cosmos reverberated throughout my body. When I came out of the experience three days later, two phrases resounded through the core of my being:

All is One.


Everything is a Paradox.

I was extremely disoriented and could not yet move my body—and I had no idea three days had passed—so I lay still and contemplated the two statements. As an avid student of metaphysics since age sixteen, I was familiar with the first one. The second statement required some thought.

Everything is a Paradox. I remembered from English class that a paradox is a statement that contradicts itself and yet is also true. As I was traveling in and out of galactic and subatomic space, I was aware of being pulled in two directions at the same time, as if I was both expanding and contracting simultaneously—a definite paradox. I had been shown the polar balancing of darkness and light and how they coexist as flip sides of the same coin.

I came to understand that Everything is a Paradox is another way of saying All is One. Opposites unite. Flip sides of the coin are joined by its edge. By focusing on opposite aspects, we arrive at a higher, all-encompassing truth.

This Autumnal Equinox let us pause to reflect on the opposing forces in our lives. It is said that, “The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.” May we acknowledge our shadow aspects as we also acknowledge the light within.

Let us celebrate the lessons shadow offers, recognizing how it provides us with so many opportunities to choose new ways of being and thus strengthen our light. A definite paradox.

We all have a shadow side. Even spiritual masters have shadow aspects that are part of their soul learning this lifetime. Many spiritual teachers and healers do a disservice to their students by publicly masking the fact of their shadow. In pretending to be “perfect,” they set up an impossible standard that cannot be achieved.

I am on a mission to de-mystify what it means to be a spiritual teacher and healer. The truth is that we all have shadow aspects and we are still learning from them and about them. If a teacher, master, or guru tells you that they have fully healed their shadow side, they are lying.

As we acknowledge our shadow aspects and use them as catalysts to make more empowered choices, we strengthen our ability to spread light in the world. We know truth through the experience of making mistakes and learning from them. We carry wisdom for others who are struggling with similar shadow aspects and we support them in also making more empowered choices. Without shadow, we could not be of service in this way. Through this process, darkness and light become One.

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