In the Beginning . . . The Twelve Seeds of Creation

In the beginning, we were one with the Light of God. Creation did not yet exist. There was only light—brighter than the brightest light that you can imagine, resonating the glorious harmony of Onenenss. But because everything was light and more light, light could not experience itself. And so light re-formed itself into creation.

And yet even in this new form, the Creator could not perceive its creation because it was all one and the same. And so certain aspects of the light that were one with the light and one with God volunteered to split off. They were like explorers, going off to experience creation first hand, reporting back so that the rest of creation could know more of itself.

The first twelve volunteer explorers were aspects of light known as the Twelve Virtues. Each of these original seeds of light embodied a particular energy of Creation which, when brought together, make up the heart of God.

The original twelve seeds of light were:

  • Beauty
  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Curiosity
  • Imagination
  • Joy
  • Justice
  • Love
  • Loyalty
  • Power
  • Purity
  • Will 

We all carry these virtuous seeds of light deep within our soul. Sometimes we express them appropriately and sometimes we are out of alignment with them. And sometimes they are lying dormant within us, ripe with potential, waiting to be reactivated.

The 12 Virtues stepped out into creation to experience its magnificence for the first time. They clung together, forming a cluster of light that was perfectly balanced. Each individual seed had a partner that expressed a related energy. The pairs were balanced, with one seed representing a masculine, giving energy and the other seed representing a complimentary feminine, receiving energy. In their partnership, there was a perfectly balanced expression of Being that allowed them to fully experience creation in all its glory.

The pairings occurred as follows:

  • Imagination: masculine / giving
  • Curiosity: feminine / receiving
  • Loyalty—masculine / giving
  • Purity—feminine / receiving
  • Beauty—masculine / giving
  • Joy—feminine / receiving
  • Will—masculine / giving
  • Courage—feminine / receiving
  • Justice—masculine / giving
  • Compassion—feminine / receiving
  • Power—masculine / giving
  • Love—feminine / receiving

The six pairs of Virtues positioned themselves into a formation known as the seed of the flower of life, generating the sacred geometry that would ultimately permeate all universes and give birth to all that followed.

As the 12 Virtues explored creation, they began by taking a more passive role, going with the flow, witnessing what was there. As they continued to take it all in, a longing grew within them to participate more fully in creation by becoming creators themselves. Each Virtue thus gave birth to its own cluster of energies which reflected a particular aspect of its overall essence.

These particular aspects then gave birth to 12 related energies, and so on and so on and so on. The Flower of Life grew as evolution unfolded.

What is Happening Now . . .

So what does this have to do with us? Every being in the Universe is a direct descendent of these 12 Virtues which once were one with each other and one with God. True, our individual expressions of these seeds of light evolved in such a way that we now see ourselves as different from one another. And yet we began as one entity.

As we evolved, the expression of the 12 Virtues became distorted so that we focused too much on one aspect and lost sight of the others. Very often we went too far into the masculine aspect of a pair of the Virtue energies and completely lost sight of the feminine balancing principle. At other times, we were too much in the feminine principle and lost sight of the male aspect.

The pendulum swung wide as we flip-flopped from one extreme to the other within one Virtue or another. In our ancestral lineages, certain aspects were laid to rest while others were brought forward so strongly and with such prejudice that they overpowered all of the other aspects. We became fragmented. Sometimes the fragmentation expressed itself with such intense focus that we inadvertently harmed those around us.

A person descended from the Power Virtue may have lost sight of the energy of Love. A person descended from the Love aspect may have lost sight of the need for the balancing energy of Power. What is Justice without Compassion? What is Beauty without Joy? And yet, as we evolved, the tendency was to engage in tunnel vision with a belief that one energy was somehow better than another.

The problems that we perceive in our world can all be traced back to this evolutionary process. As we look at the world through our limited perspective that is often guided by our personal governing Virtues, we mistakenly judge others as “wrong” or “inferior” because they are governed by different predominant Virtues.

A person governed too much by Compassion might be perceived as a “bleeding heart liberal.” A person governed too much by Will might appear to be hard-nosed and inflexible. A person governed by Loyalty may latch on tightly to a particular cause and may forget to consider the needs and causes of others.

Our judgments of others are generated by our own governing Virtues. If we are governed by Love, we may shy away from people who we perceive to be immersed in the Power aspect. We may even demonize them in our mind, believing them to be wrong for expressing the Power aspect of Creation.

As we continued to evolve, we projected our judgments about the various Virtues onto each other. This created dis-ease and distortions in the expression of the Virtues. Thus the shadow aspects were born. Without the other Virtues to balance it out, the love of Beauty became a superficial preoccupation with outward appearances. The love of Purity became a puritanical method of oppression. The love of Curiosity became the tendency to over-analyze to the point of distraction. The love of Justice became a hard-headed need to be right. And so on.

We lost our conscious connection to the Divine Seeds of Creation inherent in ourselves and in every member of Creation. In the process, we separated ourselves from the Heart of God.

Even this separation occurred by Divine Design and is part of the expansion process that carries us further and further from the center, creating a grand momentum that will soon rebound with such force that we unite in a light-filled celebration of Oneness with Creation and Creator. This is what 2012 is all about: the beginning of that glorious rebound.

We can assist this rebound into Oneness in the following way. First we want to recognize which Virtues are strong in us and which are weak. With complete authenticity, we are encouraged to take a personal inventory that is fearlessly honest and enlightening. As we examine each pairing of Virtues, we can ask ourselves:

  • How does our consciousness gravitate more toward one or the other?
  • How does the expression of this pair of virtues play out in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual reality?
  • And how do our personal Virtue preferences color our perceptions, our judgments, our words, and our actions?

As we sense the imbalances playing out in ourselves, we can more clearly recognize how these imbalances also play out in the world. And here is the key: instead of judging the imbalances we see all around us, let us look for the primary Virtue that governs that imbalance.

Always Remember:

Underneath the shadow expression of a Virtue

there is a gleaming positive aspect that benefits us all.

When we see a corporate executive too much in Power mode with a seeming indifference to the energy of Love, instead of criticizing him for his misguided behavior, let us acknowledge and celebrate the existence of the pure essence of Power within him. And when we witness a politician immersed in the shadow side of Will so that she is fixated on having her way to the extent that she loses sight of the needs of the people, we can celebrate the energy of Will with prayer that its positive aspects be restored on earth.

Yes, the Virtues of Power or Will are currently being expressed inappropriately. However, we want to show appreciation for each particular Seed of Creation as it was in its original form before the shadow distortions occurred. Our appreciation serves as a catalyst to help remind the person in question of who they really are apart from shadow.

In this way we uplift others at a soul level. We create space for them to make more aligned choices for expression of this Virtue in the future. And most importantly, we free ourselves of the energy of judgment which only serves to keep us in a state of imbalance in relation to the Twelve Virtues within us.

Empowering Your Wounded Healer . . .