The Star of Bethlehem

I remember being fascinated in Sunday school about the magical star that led the three wise men to the Christ child. The story did not make sense to my conscious mind—how could a star lead the way? But somehow the three kings followed this blaze of light that appeared out of the darkness. And it guided them to discover a birth that was precious and radiant and filled with hope.

Ever since my earliest memories, I have seen a bright white light inside my head when I close my eyes. It is not there all of the time. It seems to appear when I am still and at peace. I remember seeing it when my dad read bedtime stories, at the end of the day when I was winding down.

Occasionally I see it when my eyes are open. Again this happens when I am still and contemplative; and it often occurs when my eyes are focused on something sacred like an altar or venerated statue. Sometimes the whole room goes white and my eyes tear up from the brightness.

The bright light is often accompanied by chord-like harmonies that sound to me like the choirs of angels we hear about in Christmas carols:

Sing choirs of angels. Sing in exultation.

Sing all ye citizens of heaven above . . . .

Gloria in excelcis deo. 

And sometimes I hear the angel choirs without seeing the white light. I think of it as the “music of the spheres” that we hear about in so many famous poems and hymns.

In college and graduate school, I followed a well-known guru who taught meditation techniques for seeing the light and hearing the music within. The experience he offered was familiar to me—like coming home—and it was nice to have a way to call on these energies any time that I chose. The more I practiced the formal techniques, the more the energies occurred spontaneously, without consciously calling on them.

I have come to view the inner light and inner music that I experience as signs that let me know when I am on track. And I can call on them to keep me on track, much like the way in which the three kings looked for and followed the bright star that appeared in the sky. When I focus on the light and the music, my inner guidance becomes stronger and I receive clear knowing about what to do or say next. The light and the music guide me when working with clients and students, too. They are present when I am writing, teaching, and giving healings.

I believe that we all have this light and this music within us. Most of us experience it as babies but many lose touch with it as they grow older. I lost touch with my inner light and music during a period when I was off track in my life. Fortunately it returned when I consciously embraced my spiritual path of being a healer and a teacher.

If you would like to experience your inner light and music, Ask! This sacred time of year amplifies its presence in a way that makes it easier to Be-Hold. Begin actively asking for your inner light and music to make their presence known. Keep asking. And give yourself space to be still. Allow it to come. Don’t try to rush it. Ask for this to be the greatest gift you receive this Christmas. Open to receive the seed for it and allow it time to blossom.

Your bright harmonic resonance is waiting to guide you. You have to tune in to it, just as the wise men had to look up into the sky and notice the path of the star of Bethlehem. My prayer for you this Holy-day is that you discover how to be led, like the wise men, by your own brilliant star: the radiant harmony that is already within you.

May this process lead you to your Christ within, and to the birth of your own sacred greatness. And may you have a love-filled, joyous, and blessed Christmas!

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