Star Seed Awakening:

Cosmic Seashell Spirals Call Us Home

Explore the spiraling energies of seashells and how they can connect us with cosmic awareness. Seashells can be used to create energy vortexes and portals which serve as mini wormholes to multi-dimensional consciousness. They are empowerment tools that support meditation, healing, self-healing, and soul knowing for Star Seeds.

  • The Guide gives 9 seashell spirals that anyone can use.
  • The Webinar presents additional seashells that are important energies for everyone and teaches how to work with them for best results.
  • The E-Newsletter presents new seashell spirals plus additional ways to Spiral Up!

Seashells are crystals from the sea. They spring from the spiraling dance of the cosmos and can penetrate the depths of the soul. They help us connect with the higher-dimensional realms of inner sacredness within. They remind us that we can always spiral up and expand into new, more empowered ways of being. They are a healing gift for all who love them.