Spiral Up Coaching

Ongoing coaching supports energetic alignment, deep integration, and focused achievement of specific goals with many opportunities to:

  • Receive answers to to your most burning questions.
  • Connect with new solutions.
  • Discover your unique talents.
  • Fine-tune your healing abilities.
  • Sharpen your intuitive gifts.

Each program is designed especially for you, to support your present needs. Topics may include:

  • Knowing and loving your soul gifts
  • Clearing unproductive patterns and blocks
  • Self-Healing for healers and empaths
  • Advanced centering techniques
  • Personal empowerment techniques
  • Light energy enhancements to brighten and strengthen your aura
  • Energy activations to strengthen your presence and your impact
  • Moving quickly and easily through the Dark Night of the Soul
  • Clearing addictions, fear, and pain
  • Whole-heart emotional healing
  • Moving beyond karma into the graceful flow of miracles
  • Angel healing and angel messages--for yourself and for others
  • Intuitive development to expand and deepen your inner knowing
  • "Psychic surgery" that you can do for yourself and for others to relieve dis-ease
  • Cosmic awakening to your star-seed wisdom
  • Mystical expansion into Higher Self Knowing
  • DNA Healing, Magic, and Mastery
  • And more . . .

Flexible scheduling allows time for you to practice and integrate the energetic tools and techniques you receive in each meeting. Additional work together in dream-time over the course of your training allows for new insights, deeper healing, and integrated knowing to occur.

Receive 12 Sessions plus additional bonuses to provide a long-lasting shift into new, high-vibrational energies that best support your personal growth, healing, and soul-path clarity.

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