The Benefits of Being Full of Yourself:

Seashell Shaman Zabe Barnes shares about Spontaneous Do-It-Yourself Soul Retrieval.

We are all on a journey of becoming more whole after lifetimes of soul loss.

The true path of healing is reunion with the lost parts of our soul so that we can:

  • Love ourselves and others unconditionally which brings greater joy to all of our relationships.
  • Consciously connect with our innate God essence for deeper peace of heart.
  • Know and share our unique soul brilliance in consistent, purposeful, and uplifting ways.

We all have lost touch with parts of yourself that are ready to return. It is time to call them home. In this introductory recording, we will explore:

  • Why soul loss occurs.
  • The relationship between soul loss and confusion, depression, and dis-ease.
  • How to call your soul back into your body.
  • The fastest, easiest form of do-it-yourself soul retrieval that I know.
  • The 13 Chambers of the Heart through which parts of your soul leave and can return.
  • Plus you will receive a soul retrieval by me to call back the 13 soul pieces that you most need right now!

You can download and listen to the recording below. It will only be available for a short time . . .

Download Recording HERE

Do-It-Yourself Soul Retrieval Training:

Becoming Whole with Your Soul

Spontaneous Soul Retrieval that You Can Facilitate for Yourself and For Others

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Private Soul Retrieval Long-Distance Session

In a 1-hr. private session, I bring back as many soul parts as possible through all 13 chambers of the heart. While the number that return is different for each person, you can expect anywhere from 50 - 500+ lost aspects of your soul to return. $155

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