Soul Path Alchemy

Each of us comes into life with a soul directive: a mission that represents our to-do list while we are in this body. This list includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies that we have chosen to master during this incarnation.

Our deepest longings, as well our dis-satisfactions with the life we are currently living, are all related to the soul path we laid out for ourselves before we were born. Our personal evolution is dependent upon our ability to consciously align with our soul path.

We will continue to feel frustrated and discontent until we are clearly one with our path. Whether we know it or not, we are continually striving to gain greater clarity about where we are, we we are going, and how best to get there.

  • Sometimes we feel lost, as if we have no direction at all and are just going aimlessly in circles.
  • Sometimes we feel as if we are spinning our wheels, working really hard but getting nowhere.
  • Sometimes we lose track of our way and find ourselves on the path that someone else has set for us, a path that is not aligned with what our soul came here to do.
  • And sometimes we are divinely guided, as if being carried or even pulled by a force greater than ourselves. We are in the zone of synchronous flow and nothing can stop us. Life is good and we are grateful for where we are right now. This is where we want to be!

Soul Path Alchemy provides clarity about your path and perfects the quality of the road you are traveling. In a series of eight private online sessions, we explore the Soul Medicine Wheel (your Soul Compass) as it relates to your twelve unique Spectrums of Success.

The Wheel facilitates profound change through a series of multi-dimensional shifts at soul level to align you with your soul path with improved ease, clarity, and flow. If you know where you want to go, it will help you get there.

If you are not sure about your path, working with these energies will bring your path to light. Through a series of initiations and activation empowerments, you will make huge leaps in awareness and accomplishment as you excavate the inner talents and gifts that are waiting to be shared with the world.

The Wheel can be accessed energetically from any point. Realignment and recalibration of our wheel supports energetic empowerment at both the cellular and soul levels of Being. Areas of focus for energetic realignment and recalibration include:

  • Inspired Creation: Discover new ways of connecting with Spirit for empowered guidance as you also enhance your ability to connect with your specific goals. Clear creative blocks and receive energetic alignments to support your ability to bring your dreams into form at the physical/material level.
  • Consistent Success: This series of alignments empowers you to break through the density of stagnation so that you may easily move forward with disciplined commitment to your goals. It brings a steadiness and stability to the journey, allowing for a gradual building of energies to support you along the way.
  • Centered Foundation: Achieve the optimal blending of love and power, spirit and earth to balance the practical with the miraculous for easy co-creation in all areas of your life. From this place of centeredness it is easy to determine your next best step.
  • Complete Fulfillment: Gain the momentum necessary to finish what you start and keep moving forward on your path. Greatly improve follow-through and your ability to handle the details and loose ends that can trip us up along our journey. Connect with energies that provide fulfillment at all levels to improve the overall quality of your path.
  • Deep Purpose: Access the depth of your soul and activate your purpose with this series of empowerment initiations. Fine tune your actions as you connect deeply to the truth of who you are and what you are here to do.
  • Co-Creation Web: Fine tune and empower soul communication for empowered rapport with all you meet. Improve your relationships with friends and loved ones as you gain new energies for building a support network of people, spirit guides, and angels to assist you in your mission.
  • Healing Wisdom: Gain clarity about the healing process and about your unique healing gifts as you explore what your soul came in to heal this lifetime. Identify the soul lessons and soul knowledge you carry for the benefit of others and discover how to deepen and enhance these energies for more rapid progress along your path.
  • Empowered Manifestation: Clarify and strengthen intention for firm footing along your chosen path. Discover where you are in conflict with yourself in ways that impede progress. Receive energetic adjustments to remove mental and emotional blocks as you discover the key to empowered manifestation of goals you wish to achieve.

With this series of twelve 1 hr. sessions, you will discover how to balance and align the energies of your life to support your specific goals. You will receive self-healing techniques to jump-start your own alignment process, as well as healing techniques that you can use on clients to support them in moving forward on their soul path.

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