What All Shamans Know . . .

When the seashells call us,

we enter the spiral path to Healing,

Self-Healing, Soul Empowerment and Service.

Let's spiral up together!

Seashell Shaman Certification

Recorded Online Training + Private Activation Session

Seashell Shaman Certification is a fast-track to serving others through healing. By committing to this program, you spiral up to new levels of vibration as you receive new ways to connect yourself and others with the flow of spirit through earth. You will suddenly remember what you knew in Atlantis and Lemuria as you reconnect with your inner seashell shaman.

In a series of twelve private 1-hr. sessions, plus a series of recorded classes that you can listen to again and again, you will receive comprehensive training to work with seashell spirals in a way that is unique to you. You will be activated to all of the healing spirals, co-creation spirals, and soul empowerment spirals as you align with your soul's healing journey and learn to bring through the healing you came here to share with the world.

You will discover spirals that reflect:

  • Your specific healing gifts
  • Your life lessons
  • Your soul wisdom
  • Plus joyful surprises

You will learn:

  • Physical Healing
  • Emotional Healing
  • Mental Healing
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Soul Clearing
  • Healing Childhood Pain
  • Freeing Stuck Energies
  • Clearing Deep-Seated Patterns
  • Healing Through Time
  • Seashell Magic
  • And more!

This training includes guidance in how to blend seashell healing with other healing modalities, as well as guidance about how to spiral up in your seashell healing practice.

New levels of personal growth reveal themselves as you discover your gifts in the process of serving others. Healing occurs from the inside out so that you may heal by example.

Your healing abilities thus expand through multiple healing dimensions as you learn to weave spirals together for faster and deeper healing, for yourself and for the people your soul came here to serve.

6-Payment Option

Stretch your investment out over six months for greater financial flexibility as you spiral up to newly empowered ways to heal. Six monthly payments of $383 with private meetings twice a month for six months plus ongoing email support and spiral-up healing for nine months. Click the button below to email me and request this option.

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Single Payment Option

Save with a single one-time payment of $1997: best value! Includes flexible scheduling, plus ongoing email support and spiral-up healing for nine months.

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