Sacred Shaman Initiations

Exponential Healing from Deep Within

A profound depth of healing is already within you. But you have forgotten. I help you remember.

I reconnect you with your inner rays of healing and light empowerment. Through profound initiations, activations, and empowerment techniques, you rediscover your inner shaman's sacred soul template and the healing gifts that you have embodied throughout all of your lifetimes.

Through a series of initiations, rites, teachings, and activation empowerments, we will deepen and uplift your healing powers and divine wisdom, creating new sacred space for Spirit to flow through you (for your own healing and for healing others) at all levels of being.

In this sacred alignment, anything is possible; in fact, it is expected. As you learn to navigate the shaman's sacred healing pathways, remarkable healing transformations become a way of life, a regular part of your personal practice.

Service to others reaches new levels of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual connection.

Results that once seemed magical now become ordinary as you learn to unite multiple realms of earth and spirit in all that you do.

Program Includes:

  • Accessing Higher Realms and Inner Earth
  • Inter-Dimensional Clearing and Restoration (AKA "Psychic Surgery")
  • Increased Conscious Connection with Spirit and Earth
  • Your Personal Healing Team: Dimensional Guides, Celestial Light Beings, Power Animals, and more
  • The Inspired Breath of God through All
  • Creating a Healing Containment Field
  • Building, Holding, and Deepening Sacred Space
  • Energy Balancing
  • Sacred Healing Rituals
  • Embodying Your Unique Spiritual Magic

This in-depth training experience consists of eight 1-hr. private online meetings during which you will receive instruction, activation, personal guidance, tools, and techniques to support your journey to becoming an impactful modern-day shaman. We will also work in dream-time throughout the course of your training to deepen your healing wisdom.

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