Remembering Deep Peace of Heart

There are three core poisons that create all of the suffering on earth. All of it.

They cause us to forget our innate divinity

and instead turn against each other, against ourselves, and against creation.

The Three Core Poisons have been present on this planet since the "great fall from paradise" when we initially separated from the Heart of God.

They have been passed down from one generation to another as the proverbial “sins of the fathers.”

The Three Core Poisons serve as great teachers to us all. When we learn to recognize and consciously rise above them, we are filled with new-found joy. We are now able to reunite powerfully with the peace, light, and love of All that Is.

Every person on the planet has been poisoned by these energies to one degree or another.

Some of us have more concentrated amounts of one or more poison, according to our life experiences and soul contracts.

We often find ourselves in judgment about the expression of one or more poisons in someone else; however, the truth is that we have them in us as well.

The energies of the poisons bleed through lifetimes. They are rooted in our collective consciousness as humans on planet earth. Up until now we have been victims to them and perpetuators of them. By having them inside of us, we have unknowingly reflected and projected them to others and so we have served to strengthen the hold they have upon humankind.

The Three Core Poisons have generally played in the background of our lives, so much a part of the fabric of our daily reality that we do not even realize that they are there. Much like an undetected virus on a computer’s operating system, they sabotage us in ways we cannot see. We do not know that something is slowing us down and holding us back. We fail to realize that we are not operating at full light capacity.

The Three Core Poisons are closely related. They interact with one another in extremely complex ways which create energetic entanglements and perpetuate vicious cycles that lead to the contagious spreading of these poisons to others.

Our own core poisoning causes us to attack, judge, and blame ourselves and the world around us. Unaware that the core poisons are governing our perceptions of reality, we view our entire world through their filters and this affects how we experience everything and everyone.

The first step to clearing the core poisons is to become aware of the ways in which they affect us. In learning about these primary toxins, we can choose to let them go.

  • We discover new ways to consciously connect with higher, more empowering energies to fill the spaces they once occupied.
  • We find joy through the process of empowered choosing.
  • We ultimately return to the truth of who we are: children of God embodying vast quantities of joy-filled light and love.

The training consists of six 1-hr. sessions in which you receive a core healing session and then learn to do the work on yourself and on others. You will also receive tools to help you better identify when the poisons are at play in yourself and in the world around you.

In each session you will receive and deepen the Heart of God activation which reconnects you with your innate divinity and opens an instant pathway to God within, a sacred sanctuary that is always free of core poisons and always filled with pure love and light and truth.

This work has changed my life more deeply than anything else I have ever experienced. I know it will change yours, as well.

3-Payment Option

Stretch your investment out over three months for greater financial flexibility as you spiral up to newly empowered ways to heal. Three monthly payments of $399 with private meetings twice a month for three months plus ongoing email support and spiral-up healing. Email me to request this option.

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