The Patchwork Quilt Effect

I have recently been thinking a lot about patchwork quilts. As we piece together the different aspects of our lives, we may end up with a Friendship Quilt, an Heirloom Quilt, or my personal favorite, a Crazy Quilt!

A friend makes quilts and I am fascinated by her process. She intuitively creates each one as she goes and does not fully know what it will look like until it is finished:

  • She begins by piecing together small swatches of fabric into little squares. Each quilted square is beautiful in it's own right--beautiful enough to be framed and hung on the wall or used as a place mat. And yet she keeps going until she has lots of these small quilted squares.
  • Next she pieces together four small squares, making a larger square--again something that has value all by itself as a bigger wall hanging or table topper.
  • She then pieces these larger squares together into something that can be used as a large wall-hanging or sofa throw.
  • Finally she pieces the large squares together to make a giant (and very beautiful) patchwork quilt.

Do you know that you also are creating a patchwork quilt? It is part of your soul's spiral-up process . . .

The unfolding of your soul path is very similar to the process my friend uses to create her masterpieces.

  • It begins with making the first little square, which is the first next step of your soul journey. Before making that first square, you have to decide on what type of fabric and thread and filling you will use for that beginning square.
  • You don't necessarily have to know what all of the squares will be made of--there will be further opportunities to acquire additional materials later.
  • The design can differ from square to square as you gain new skills and open up to new interests.
  • In fact, don't be surprised if your whole design changes as you allow the process to unfold!
  • You will continue making squares and piecing them together, not realizing the full magnitude of what you will eventually create, and that's ok.
  • You will be surprised at how pieces come together in ways you had not initially intended or expected.
  • As you continue on your path, don't be surprised if you suddenly realize that you are building something bigger than you ever dreamed of! That's what happened to me . . .

When I began my path as a spiritual teacher, I never imagined that I would build an online academy of healing and soul empowerment courses that I myself had developed.

Rather I started with that first little square, which for me was Reiki, and kept moving forward with what I most loved until I had a beautiful collection of individual pieces (at first my teacher's classes and later my own) that have come together to form something even bigger and more beautiful.

What patchwork quilt do you have inside of you?

Are you moving forward with its creation?

And can you be ok with not knowing what it will be when it is finished?