Seashells for Accessing Parallel Universes

An Out-Of-This-World Experience

There are hundreds of Gardens of Being

in parallel universes

that are waiting to come home to us here and now.

Seashell Portals are available within our immediate reach

through which we can access these Gardens.

We can draw energies from the Gardens into this life

to improve, enhance, and exponentially expand

the experience of our Divine Presence here on earth.

With this 6-session private training, you will learn to easily access

nine Gardens of Being

which open portals to a multitude of parallel universes

where you will connect with your parallel universe selves.

You will receive initiations of the Elohim, the benevolent "Creator Gods" of these Gardens,

a profound experience that enhances navigation and interaction

within the Gardens and Universes. 

In addition you will learn to access empowering energies

to support profound change in your life.​

The energies from these Universes and Gardens

may be used to strengthen your personal energies

and can also be used to support your clients and loved ones.

We expand our dimensions of being

through our interactions with our Gardens of Being.

The Gardens bring us into union with our Parallel Universe Selves.

Through them we amplify our impact here on earth.

We discover that we are so much more than we knew.

We are thus able to affect the world more than ever before.

Through Seven Gardens of Being You Will Gain:

Deep Knowledge of Self

Amplified Co-Creation and Manifestation

Crystal Clear Expression

Serenity and Inner Peace

Personal Mastery through Holy Union with your Parallel Higher Selves

3-Payment Option

Stretch your investment out over three months for greater financial flexibility as you spiral up to newly empowered ways to heal. Three monthly payments of $389 with private meetings twice a month for three months plus ongoing email support and spiral-up healing for four months. Click the button below to email me and request this option.

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