Night School: Co-Creating in Dream Time

In the Mayan tradition, we have a teaching called “Night School.” Other traditions call it Dream Time. We are taught that while we sleep, our astral bodies go to the astral plane to learn various things from various teachers. The type of “Night School” we attend depends on our current interests. People interested in art attend night school with talented artists; people interested in science attend night school with great scientists, etc. Those of us who are spiritual seekers attend night school with spiritual teachers.

Many spiritual teachers teach their own night school and attend the night schools of other spiritual masters, as well. Time on the astral plane is different than waking time so we can accomplish much more in the few hours we are asleep.

It is possible to train yourself to remember what you learned in Dream Time.

I often wake up knowing what I did with my students in Dream Time and, in fact, I see many of you there. Often my students describe similar experiences to mine the morning after and so there is no doubt that this is a real phenomenon. And my German students tell me that I teach them in German--even though I do not consciously know how to speak German!

I am accustomed to amazing things happening in Dream Time regarding spiritual teachings; however, I had an unusual Dream Time experience that demonstrated to me that we co-create together while sleeping in many other ways, as well.

I was recently selected to be on the jury of a ridiculous civil case that really should have been settled out of court years ago. The case lasted two full days. I woke up in the middle of the night after the first day of the trial and was aware of a “dream” in which I was standing at a white board diagramming logical syllogisms for the other members of the jury. I was writing them out as I learned in geometry and logic classes in high school and college.

if p and q ≠ if p or q . . .

I woke up and dismissed the dream as irrelevant: "How silly. I cannot imagine how this could ever be relevant. This must be my ego begging for attention . . . Or maybe I am too much in my head about the whole trial." I certainly did not consider the dream to be a part of night school.

After a second long day of testimony and arguments, it was time for the jury to deliberate. The judge gave us ten points to consider and if we agreed to all ten points, we were instructed to find in favor of the plaintiff.

We were able to easily agree to nine of the ten points but we were split down the middle on one point. As I listened, it seemed as if we were all saying basically the same thing and yet we could not agree on this one point. I suddenly realized that my “dream” held the key to us reaching a verdict.

I was able to show the other jury members that some of them were reading that point as an “and” statement (if p and q) when it was actually written as an “or” statement (if p or q). 

The judge was not asking us to agree to both parts of the statement; we only had to agree to one part or the other—and we all could do that. I gave an analogy to help the other jurors understand the difference and they all got it and we were quickly able to reach a verdict.

My silly dream was not so silly after all; it was, in fact, Night School. I believe that because we had worked on the problem together in our sleep, even the least educated of the jury members was able to understand this rather technical distinction.

I teach spiritual healing Night School to all of my past, present, and future clients and students but I did not realize the degree to which I also work with mainstream groups of people who have no idea about the nature of my work.

And to clarify, in my jury night school experience, it really did not feel like I was the teacher (even though I was standing at the white board)—it was more like we were all sharing and co-creating together, taking turns expressing our understanding, knowledge, and beliefs. There was not one teacher; we were all teaching each other. I am convinced that we co-create in Dream Time on all sorts of projects from the mundane to the sublime, and everything in between.

Some spiritual teachers say that only paying students are included in their Night Schools. I frankly do not even know how it is possible to limit attendance in Dream Time. It is my soul calling to teach. I do so joyfully and generously, both when I am awake and when I am sleeping. I open my Night School to anyone who chooses to attend. I know that we all benefit from our joint participation.

I thank you all for participating with me in Dream Time. It really is a co-creative process. You are invited to participate any time you choose. Just set your intention to join in and you will be there. May we enjoy much happy and productive co-creation together!!!

Our judgments of others are generated by our own governing Virtues. If we are governed by Love, we may shy away from people who we perceive to be immersed in the Power aspect. We may even demonize them in our mind, believing them to be wrong for expressing the Power aspect of Creation.


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