Divine Awakening: Cosmic Miracles Within

Many metaphysical students believe in miracles and celebrate them. And yet they do not understand the true nature of miracles.

The greatest miracle is to connect fully with the mystical world within you and around you. It is through mystical connection that miracles flow. It is your birthright.

In this five-session training, you will open your cosmic DNA connections--what some refer to as your quantum DNA. Through these connections you will quickly and easily clear the mental, spiritual, and emotional blocks that interfere with your ability to merge with the miracles of creation through which all things become possible.

You will learn a quick and easy way to identify and clear the three core poisons that create shame, blame and guilt. By rising above these soul-sucking lower-vibrational energies, you are now free to fully access the Heart of God through which you can know full love, full light and full power within you and through you.

You will discover how to awaken your own personal magic as you also learn to tap more deeply into universal creative power. You will discover how to direct these new-found energies in soul guided ways for new-found support at all levels of your life. You will:

  • Discover your deep inner power.
  • Learn to focus and direct your soul magic with focused intention.
  • Learn to shift personal and group energies quickly, gently, and easily to support unexpected miracles in any situation.
  • Develop a 12-minute daily practice that opens the flow of miracles.
  • Clear your doubts, fears, and misconceptions about being an empowered co-creator.
  • Embrace the many blessings that are waiting to be received in alignment with the highest good of all.

This series of twelve techniques activates and restructures you at the cellular DNA level, erasing the old “sins of the Fathers” that have held miracles just out of reach up until now.

When we practice these quick and easy methods, the mind becomes clear and we discover the deeper peace that comes with knowing that we can alter the course of our destiny in very specific ways.

3 Payment Option

Stretch your investment out over three months for greater financial flexibility as you are uplifted into new supportive ways to empower yourself and others. Three monthly payments of $299 with private meetings twice a month for two months and the final meeting in the third month plus ongoing email support and spiral-up healing for three months.

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Save with 1 Payment

Save with a single one-time payment of $777: best value! Includes flexible scheduling, plus ongoing email support and spiral-up healing for three months.

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