Mayan Lineage Offerings:

Classes . . . Coaching . . . Initiations of Mastery . . . Teacher Trainings

As long-time apprentice to the holder of these very powerful and empowering teachings, I have received lineage wisdom and initiations at a level deeper than what is given in typical classes. It remains an honor to pass the "caught teachings" on to others who are eager to learn the full richness of healing, light, and magic that comes through this lineage.

Private online training, coaching, and teacher trainings are available for the following Mayan Lineage Offerings:

  • LL: All levels including Teacher Training
  • DI Coaching
  • DNA 1, 2, and 3 and Teacher Training
  • DI and DI Teacher Training (in person only)
  • DM and DM Teacher Training (in person only)
  • Initiations of Mastery
  • Teacher Trainings and Coaching for many Lineage and High Magic classes
  • And Much More . . .

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