Loving Yourself

The seashell pictured above contains the spiral for loving yourself more deeply. If you have experienced repeated physical, verbal, mental, or emotional abuse in your life, you may struggle to love yourself even though you find it easy to love others. Being able to love yourself is an important key to healthy relationships. When we love ourselves, we are better able to succeed in all areas of life.

There are four levels of self-love:

  1. At the physical level, we cherish our physical bodies and our material plane environment as we take appropriate actions to support our physical needs.
  2. At the emotional level, we are able to feel love for ourselves. We can think of ourselves at any age, in any situation, and sense love flowing from our heart.
  3. At the mental level, we think loving and supportive thoughts about ourselves as we continue to discover new ways to enjoy life.
  4. At the spiritual level, we know and honor our innate divinity. We allow our God light to shine brightly as we participate fully in the spiral dance of creation.

To connect more deeply with the energy of self-love, focus on the photos of this lovely seashell. Hold your left hand in front of the point of the shell as you gaze at its spiral. Place your right hand over your heart and allow the energy of self-love to fill your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Revisit the Self-Love Spiral often. Remember that you may use these images as a focal point to draw on this energy any time you choose.

Learning to Love Yourself