Know and Love Your Soul Brilliance

We can only experience ourselves as who we truly are and as who we are not. The problem is that most people do not know who they truly are. They subscribe to what others think about them and what others want for them. This causes:

  • Confusion
  • Frustration
  • Obstacles to success
  • A sense of emptiness
  • Feeling lost in the world
  • Unnecessary competition that causes much unhappiness

The Twelve Spectrums of Success help you understand how you best shine the light of your soul within the whole of creation. They reflect elements of your soul essence; not necessarily your personality (there are other personality identification methods for better understanding the personality). You always succeed best when you allow the light of your soul essence to shine clearly, brightly, and fully.

You may have been impacted by the energies of your parents, teachers, friends, and siblings in such a way that the personality followed their way of being and you lost touch with your true way of shining your unique ray of light. Instead you may have tried to adapt your ray of light to satisfy the people around you.

By consciously allowing your soul light to shine through the Twelve Spectrums of Success, you can celebrate your individuality as you also celebrate the individuality of your friends, family, peers, and community members. You thus gain:

  • Clarity about the best ways to share your gifts with others
  • Understanding about how you best relate to others
  • The types of friends, clients, partners, and mentors you will most enjoy being with
  • Specific insights about your best ways to manifest success
  • Knowing how best to learn and experience new energies for continued growth
  • And more . . .

When you understand the specifics of where and how you best shine your soul light through each of the twelve spectrums of success, you gain new-found love for yourself as well as newly-found appreciation for others. You are able to better co-create with your fellow human beings. You are better able to create a life in which you fully and joyfully thrive!

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