Keys to Centering

I was in my kitchen this afternoon when my guides said, "Balance a broom. Do it now!" So I did.

Pretty cool. I had seen other people do this on or around the equinox but I had never been able to do it myself. Then today, as if by magic, I placed the broom on its end and before I could even try to balance it, it was as if a magnet pulled it out of my hands into the exact position.

I was so excited that I called my friends and asked them to try it. Their brooms fell over.

So I picked the broom up, carried it into a different room, and tried to set it back on its end. This time it fell over--where was the magical magnetic force?

In fiddling with the broom, I discovered that it had to be facing just the right way in order to stand upright.

I left the broom standing in the middle of the living room and began to reflect on the experience. Here's what I learned:

  1. Act on inner guidance. Sometimes it's best to take action first and ask questions later.
  2. Timing is a key factor in everything we create. Some tasks and goals can only be accomplished when the timing is right.
  3. Keep trying even when it seems like we can't succeed. Eventually we reach our goal, sometimes when we're not even thinking about it.
  4. Allow things to fall into place rather than forcing them. It is easier to allow the pull of the earth and sun to stand a broom on end than it is for us to make it do so.
  5. Approach tasks and goals from the best possible angle. When we come at things in just the right way, they flow effortlessly.

I invite you all to balance a broom today. As you do so, dedicate the energy of this simple act to becoming more centered in who you are. 

My prayer is that we all experience increased balance in all aspects of our lives this equinox and throughout the rest of the year!