Keep What Is Precious!

As we grow and evolve, we rise to new energetic levels at which things have to change in order for us to keep spiraling up. It seems as if the old ways no longer fit us, even when they once provided great support and were once a great passion for us. I have learned in these times to pause and get really clear about what to let go of, what to keep, and what to transform.

Once when I was preparing to go to India for a three-week training, a psychic friend gave me advice that has helped me remain clear about this process. “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water,” she said. Bath water gets dirty and needs to be replaced with fresh, clear water from time to time. But in this cleaning-out process, we want to keep the baby; in other words, we want to keep the aspects that are most precious to us. She accurately predicted that while at my training in India, I would receive valuable energies combined with teachings that were out of alignment and designed to control and manipulate; she supported me in discerning which was which and encouraged me to hang on to the good parts and let go of the rest.

In this time of rapid planetary evolution, we do well to notice with acute discernment when the bath water has become dirty. At these times, we want to dump out the cold, toxic energies that do not serve and replace them with pure, clear light that is warm and nurturing. In our awakening process, we become clear about what to let go of and what to keep.

The true shaman is open to new energies and new ways of serving the people, at the same time maintaining a firm foundation of what has worked in the past. The true shaman does not get attached to how things have always been done or how things will be done in the future. Instead she follows the current energies and discerns which traditions to maintain and which traditions to change as she witnesses the people around her grow and evolve. Her focus remains on the highest good of the people she serves and not on her own self-interests. In other words, the true shaman cares for the baby and replaces the dirty bath water with new, crystal-fresh water, as needed.

I am grateful for this wisdom. I honor, love, feed, and nurture the babies that are so precious to me. I support you in doing the same. Here are four important things to keep in mind:

  • Sometimes the baby has a mind of its own; hold space and allow it to develop, always with love and gratitude for its presence in your life.
  • Babies grow. They go through awkward phases as they mature. Love them anyway.
  • Babies eventually graduate and leave home; however, they remain a part of your family and hold an important place in your heart. Do not dis-own your baby, not ever. Love your baby.
  • New babies may come along from time to time. Do not throw away one baby for another; instead strive to create an expanded family dynamic in which all of your children play together and learn from each other.

This last point has been an important key in my life. As I gave birth to my own original healing work (my new baby), I have maintained love for the Mayan lineage teachings which were my foundation as a healer and which represent my first baby that I also really love. I did not replace one baby with the other. I love them both and am highly aware of the unique gifts each embodies. The two babies play really well together. They love each other and they co-create together.

I am holding space for you to discern the difference between your baby and the dirty bath water. I am holding space for your growing “family” to come together in harmony and mutual support. I encourage you to get clear about letting go of what no longer serves. And I urge you to continue to cherish what is precious.

Unclear about where the baby ends and the bathwater begins?

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