Healing Through and Through: Multi-Realm "Psychic Surgery"

We all experience dis-ease from time to time. Illness is our soul's way of capturing our attention to get us to make some important changes regarding how we run our energies. We can learn to shift all layers of our energy body back to harmonious well-being by practicing the healing techniques offered in this six-part training.

The focus is on physical healing with techniques that involve what shamans refer to as energetic "psychic surgery" through multiple realms of being. Unlike other forms of psychic surgery, this work can be used for self-healing. It can also be used for friends, family and clients.

Cutting edge quick-and-easy energy healing methods are given for restoring the body's energetic template to its original state of wholeness. These are specific, targeted energies that exponentially amplify the healing field. 

Whenever dis-ease occurs, it is because we are experiencing one of the following:

  • too much of an energy
  • too little of an energy
  • an energy that is misplaced or out of alignment
  • an energy that is out of harmony or out of balance with other energies

In this training, techniques are given to:

  • Clear emotional static that feeds dis-ease.
  • Open to higher realms through which all can be heal.
  • Move unwanted energies (and the manifestations that result from them) out of the body.
  • Bring unexpected healing solutions through to this realm.
  • Restore electromagnetic balance that can be affected by disruptions in your energy field caused by electronic technology, solar flares, etc.
  • Restore and rebuild depleted energies in the body to energetically support the regrowth of healthy tissues.
  • Realign physical and energetic aspects of the body.
  • Balance the energies of body systems so that they work as a harmonious team.
  • Adjust brain energies as needed to support the overall healing process.

This in-depth 6-session training includes healing work with me at a distance, between sessions (often while you are sleeping), to deepen your connection to what was presented in class. Classes are scheduled so that there is practice time in between and space for you to ask follow-up questions about your experiences.

You will begin by practicing on yourself and will also learn to perform these techniques on others in person and at a distance. The methods can be easily combined with other healing techniques, as you choose--I will help you with this if there are particular modalities that you would like to include.

With this training, you take your health and well-being fully into your own hands. Once you open to the higher realms through which dis-ease flows out and wellness flows in, you will always have this powerful ability to heal yourself and to heal all who are open to becoming whole once again.

3-Payment Option

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