Gifts of the Wounded Healer

The Wounded Healer is an archetype that many healers and spiritual teachers carry. Many of us started out on the path of healing in order to heal ourselves. I know I did. 

We took on the challenges of disease and abuse this lifetime as lessons in personal healing, As we learned to heal our wounds, we reached out to others to help them do the same. Our experiential knowledge of pain and dis-ease make us well-equiped with a deep inner knowing of what our clients and love ones need in order to heal the pain and dis-ease in their lives.

I find over and over again in my practice that the majority of my clients and students struggle with issues that I have healed in myself. At a subconscious level they are drawn to me as a teacher and practitioner because they recognize that I carry the healing they most need. Many times it is something they have not heard me speak or write about but their soul knows that I can help them and so they are guided to work with me.

I know this at a soul level and yet I sometimes forget. For many of us the old brokenness we experienced in our lives is a distant memory. As we focus on the present, we lose sight of how far we actually have come. We forget that the power of the healing that we offer now is directly proportional to the amount of self-healing we have done in our lives.

I was reminded of this just the other day. I was very focused on a pattern I was still working to heal in my life. It stood before me like a big, ugly pimple in the middle of my face. And then I remembered how far I had come and how much healing I carry as a result of my journey. It was the glass half empty/half full thing. Which did I want to focus on?

I invite you to spend some time this week taking a personal inventory of the healing victories in your own life.

What have you healed?

Is your new way of being so much a part of you

that you take it for granted

and forget to celebrate how far you have come?

As you do this, take a deep breath and celebrate the precious gift that you are.

Empowering Your Wounded Healer . . .