My cat recently reminded me of eight important healing-path lessons. #4 is my favorite.

He ran past me when I was carrying groceries in from the car. He was clearly in the mood for an adventure and would not come back inside when I called him--not even for treats.

By bedtime, there was still no sign of him. I had been calling him for hours. The next morning I searched again and found him stuck up in a neighbor's tree 20+ feet in the air, crying his head off.

I imagine that he ended up there by chasing a bird or squirrel or, more likely, to escape the free-roaming neighborhood dogs.

I called Animal Services, the fire department, and my vet's office for help or advice about how to get him down, to no avail.

A friend helped me make a kitty elevator using a long rope tied to an open pet carrier with a bowl of sardines inside of it (I found this idea on YouTube). He tied the other end of the rope to a padded weight which he threw over a high branch.

I raised the carrier up to my wayward cat. I asked Archangel Ariel and St. Francis of Assisi to help him get into it. He finally climbed in and was lowered to safety.

He has been purring ever since his return home. I think he appreciates his true soul path of being a lap-warming house cat more than ever.

Here's what our experience reinforced for me:

  1. We get in trouble on our healing path when we chase things that are not meant for us to have: Birds and squirrels are exciting until they get you stuck in a tree!
  2. Sometimes we allow fear to chase us to uncomfortable, ungrounded places where we can barely function: This cat definitely did not belong on a branch 20+ feet off the ground.
  3. When we get stuck, we may need outside help to get unstuck: In this case it took two humans plus YouTube plus Archangel Ariel and St. Francis.
  4. In the process of being helped, we may have to trust the unknown: My cat had to find the courage to climb down into the swaying carrier that moved even more as he put his weight on it.
  5. Positive incentives are most helpful: Smelly sardines helped coax him into the carrier.
  6. Once restored to our healing path after having gone astray, we appreciate it more than ever: He has been extra cuddly since his ordeal and keeps giving me head-butts and nose kisses.
  7. We are still loved as much as ever, in spite of having temporarily lost our way: God loves us no matter what, just as I love my cat in spite of the fact that he was naughty to run outside.
  8. When we find a good way to help others get back on track, we naturally teach others to facilitate similar results: Once he was safe back home, I called the vet, the fire department and animal services back to tell them about my new-found way of rescuing a cat from a tree--and they were all grateful for the information and promised to pass it forward.

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