From Fear to Joy in Three Easy Steps

If you are reading this, chances are that you are waking up to your true quest for inner happiness.

  • You know that there is more to life than the daily struggles you continue to repeat.
  • You desperately want to experience more love, more peace, and more joy in your daily life.
  • Instead you regularly find yourself feeling frustrated, insecure, and dis-satisfied, often for no specific reason.

This struggle stems from the three core poisons which permeate human consciousness, thus creating all of the suffering humans experience. The three core poisons:

  • Fill you with fear about bad things happening to you.
  • Keep you in competition with your fellow human beings.
  • Cause you to feel isolated and alone--even when you're in a crowd.

Discover an easy three-step process for identifying and clearing primary root causes of internal pain. You will learn to quickly recognize and let go of the three core poisons that keep most people stuck in repetitive downward spirals of fear, disempowerment, and despair. You will also learn to recognize when others are operating from their core poisoning so that you can make more empowered choices in all of your interactions.

Simple, powerful, and fast-acting energetic antidotes are offered for clearing the toxic energies that keep most people stuck in a perpetual state of fear. The three antidotes together offer a real solution that is both practical and uplifting.

True seekers at any level of spiritual/metaphysical awareness can access and experience the healing embodied in three simple but profound truths. I have shared these same healing methods with spiritual teachers, psychotherapists and psychiatrists, healing practitioners, metaphysical congregations, spiritual healing groups, and private clients, all with immediate results and very positive feedback. Novices learning the techniques for the first time express surprise at the instantaneous shifts that they experience with this work.

Best of all, the three-step excercise takes moments a day to practice and fits easily into busy schedules. The result is a powerful energy boost that reconnects you with inner peace of heart: any time, any place, in any given moment.

You will receive:

  • 9 instructional mp3 recordings that you can download and listen to again and again.
  • 3 guided meditation recordings to deepen the energy activations each time you listen.
  • Handy quick-reference guide reviewing the three core poisons and their antidotes.
  • Special Bonus: mp3 recordings of my out-of-print book, All Can Heal: Keys to Peace of Heart, available only with the purchase of this class.
  • A private long-distance session with me to further activate you and to answer any questions you may have.

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