Dimensions of Light

In our ongoing process of spiritual growth, we are called to discover more light within ourselves and more light within the world. As we expand our light, we experience a natural longing to reach higher dimensional states that contain new and different qualities of light.

Most people are stuck in the third dimension where their light is heavy and dense. When we have a disease or unhealthy pattern, the light of our aura becomes temporarily clouded and muddy. In the density of the third dimension, our light is opaque, like flat paint. We do not yet know how to glow or to shine.

As we make new, more empowered choices, we shift the way light flows through our being. We evolve from being like flat paint . . . to shiny reflection . . . to metallic sheen . . . to multi-faceted sparkle.

We continue to add depth and richness to our inner and outer light. Unfortunately, few people ever even scratch the surface of the higher dimensions. They can therefore only shine a fraction of the light that is available to them.

As we expand into higher dimensions, our light first becomes more translucent. The colors we shine become more clear, pure, and dynamic. As we learn to access the higher dimensions, our light becomes multi-dimensional and inter-dimensional. It reflects and refracts the light within us in many more ways than light can be expressed in the third dimension.

People who have learned to access the higher dimensions contain extra sparkles and flashes of light in their auras. Their light can shine in many more directions, both inwardly and outwardly as they expand into new ways of accessing the multiple inter-connecting Rays of Creation. They can thus touch more people in more ways with their light.

Imagine that the number of petals on a flower represent the multi-dimensional and inter-dimensional ways that we can shine our light. All flowers shine light beautifully, no matter how many petals they embody. All humans have the potential to shine beautifully too, no matter how many dimensions they are able to access. Our light can be beautiful at every stage of our dimensional expansion.

We start out as babies, as pure and as lovely as a one-petal Calla Lily. As we grow, we discover additional new ways to shine. We gain additional petals through which we may shine our light in new directions. And so our light evolves. As we discover our true path and embrace our purpose, we shine through many more petals. 

We may eventually move into still higher dimensions in which we can do things that avatars do, things that seem miraculous. We learn to move disease out of the body. We learn to navigate the time-pace continuum in unexpected ways.

In these higher dimensions, we become like cluster flowers, now embodying groupings of multiple petals that bloom from one center, reflecting and refracting light through multiple angles and directions. Exponentially more light is available to us as we are now able to share exponentially more light with others.

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