All Can Heal: The Deeper Dimensions of Healing

Healing for Healers: A Healing and Self-Healing Course for ALL + Empowered Healing Activations

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Accessing the First Three Healing Dimensions

  • Access and review the first 5 recordings of the introductory All Can Heal Course.

Deepening Lesson 2: Rediscovering Your Healing Gifts

  • Being healing vs. doing healing.
  • How to know that you have embodied healing energies that you have learned.
  • Fully discovering, acknowledging, claiming, and valuing your healing strengths.

Deepening Lesson 4: Divine Timing and Healing Readiness

  • Free will and healing.
  • Honoring the timing of the healing process.
  • How patience can speed up the healing process.

Deepening Lesson 6: The All of Soul

  • The power of soul healing.
  • How to speed up any healing process.
  • Soul Talk.

Deepening Lesson 8: Multi-Dimensional Healing Review

  • 5D Healing through all dimensions of being.
  • Review of all 10 energies.
  • Guided practice.

Deepening Lesson 10: Avoiding Healer Burnout

  • The 6 reasons we take on other people’s energies and how to stop doing it.
  • Moving from the old paradigm to the new paradigm where healing is easy, gentle, and fun.
  • The supportive role of true humility in every healing process.

Special Bonus: Whole Soul Healing / DIY Soul Retrieval

  • Reasons for Soul Loss.
  • Soul retrieval and the 13 chambers of the heart.
  • Receive 13 soul retrievals on this recording.

Deepening Lesson 1: All Experiences Offer Healing

  • Finding the healing gifts offered by painful experiences.
  • The journey of the wounded healer.
  • 3 Universal Laws about the healing process.

Deepening Lesson 3: Exponential Healing Expansion

  • The Universal Law of Group Endeavor.
  • Accessing Exponential Healing.
  • Invoking your team of Divine Assistants.

Deepening Lesson 5: Whole Healing

  • No one is broken.
  • Allowing Healing to Be.
  • Shifting the focus of healing.

Deepening Lesson 7: Giving Your All to the Healing Process

  • The power of always doing your best.
  • Healing at all levels.
  • The best healing paradox.

Deepening Lesson 9: Facilitating Healing for Others

  • Hands-On Healing.
  • Long Distance Healing.

Deepening Lesson 11: Going Deeper

  • Continuing the healing journey.
  • Why some healers take on other people’s energies and how to stop doing it.
  • Restlessness as a sign that it is time to add a new energy to your healer’s toolbox.

Special Bonus: Soul Magic Discovery

  • The true nature of your soul magic.
  • Tapping into soul intuition.
  • How to get clear about the next steps of your soul path.