Contentment and Fulfillment

I invite you to join me this winter solstice in a process of deepening. It is time to go deep within to the recesses of soul that are always present but rarely experienced.

  • What truths are we hiding from ourselves?
  • What inner resources have we overlooked?
  • How can we go deeper into the light of who we are? 

Some powerful words have been playing in my consciousness this week. They provide keys for the answers to these questions.

The first word is Contentment which contains the word Content, meaning to contain. What are we containing in our lives? At the physical level, do we have “stuff” that we no longer use? In our consumer focused society, we buy items on a whim and never really use them. We keep things because we think we should, not because we really want them. Our content becomes cluttered and our contentment is negatively impacted when we fill our lives with things that we do not truly need or appreciate. An energetic drag is created that pulls us into a downward spiral.

I have been on a mission this last year to let go of content or “stuff” that is extraneous to my goals and to my joy. It has been an uplifting and empowering process of clearing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies from my energy field and environment. Through this process, I have identified the three core poisons that interfere with healthy emotional, mental, and spiritual content. The process of identifying and clearing these poisons creates new-found contentment at all levels of being.

In addition to clearing, we can further sharpen our content by excavating resources that we have forgotten: that stunning blouse that fell to the back of the closet, that great technique we learned years ago and never practiced, that brilliant realization that we never developed or acted upon. 

I invite you to use the energies of this solstice to dig deep within and discover at least one such energy that has been overlooked. This is a great time for rediscovery.

The second word that has recently captured my attention is the word Fulfillment which contains the words full and filled. As I consider my life, I realize that I am fulfilled at a level never before achieved. This month I struggled to think of a single thing to ask for for Christmas or Birthday (Dec. 26) because I have everything that I want. In gratitude for this new-found level of fulfillment, I have been looking back at how I got here with a focus on how to help others get here, as well.

The key for me has been authentically following what brings the most joy. In the past, I did many things because I thought I should, not because I wanted to. Perhaps you also find yourself caught in the trap of “shoulds.” Should carries a heavy, low-vibrational energy that actually shuts us down and interferes with our success.

When we follow our joy—the things that we most desire—our energy field becomes strong and open and it is much easier to manifest what we choose.

I have been a long-time fan of radio host and story teller Garrison Keillor. I saw him perform live a few years ago and was impressed by how much fun he has while working. I got the impression that he loves what he was doing so much that he would be doing it in his free time, with or without the audience. He has built a successful career by following his joy.

Stop and Ask Yourself:

Would you be doing what you are doing in your free time even if you did not get paid?

Do you love it enough to continue even without the appreciation or approval of others?

For me the answer is a resounding Yes! I hope that it is for you, too.

To follow joy is to follow the inner guidance of the soul. The things that most light us up inside move us forward on our soul path. When we allow ourselves to be guided by soul desire, we say Yes to light and Yes to joy.

There is a significant difference between soul desire and desire that is fueled by a sense of emptiness and lack. Lack fosters “shoulds” which lower our vibration and interfere with manifesting our goals. Soul desire inspires excitement that fuels clarity about our actions, our purpose, and our path.

Of course we have responsibilities like paying bills and maintaining our bodies and homes. I am not suggesting that we ignore these aspects of life. Rather I am inviting you to find joy in performing the tasks that support your journey. Approach daily tasks from the joy you receive by completing them rather than from the fear-lack-should consciousness of what will happen if you do not do them.

This winter solstice I invite you to go deep within to discover new-found joy. The seashell spiral pictured above has been infused with energies to support this process. Gaze at this image often to support you in spiraling up to new levels of Contentment and Fulfillment in all aspects of life.

Dig deep and keep spiraling up!

Digging Deeper . . .