Celebrate that All Can Heal!

Today is Mardi Gras, a day of festive celebration. Having lived 42 years in the great city of New Orleans, I am flooded with happy memories of wearing costumes, eating king cake, marching in parades, dancing in the streets to the Mardi Gras Mambo, and shouting, "Throw me something, Mister!" for beads and doubloons.

My plan was to stay in "The Big Easy."

At some level, don't we all wish for this?

But sometimes Spirit has a different plan . . . .

I was at a healing conference when the unthinkable devastation of Hurricane Katina occurred. We all watched in horror as the water rose-could this really be happening?

In the midst of this shocking event, my mentor turned to me and said, "I always knew you were going to work with me. I couldn't figure out how to get you out of New Orleans. I think this is it. Would you like to come and work for me?" And with that, I said goodbye to the city I loved so much and began an in-depth apprenticeship that catapulted me forward on my healing and teaching path.

I go back home whenever I get the chance and even got to enjoy a Mardi Gras parade last year. Eight and a half years after Katrina, the city is definitely coming back. In some ways, it is better than ever. The destruction brought communities together. The people are nicer to one another. We somehow got through the unimaginable and found out that we were stronger than we knew we could be.

As I consider all that New Orleans has been through, I am reminded of three important healing truths:

  1. Time really does heal all wounds. This is easy to forget this when we are in the middle of a healing crisis. As we look back years later, we see that this is true.
  2. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. We are given opportunities that stretch us into new ways of being. We may resist at first, but in time, we persevere.
  3. Painful situations are blessings in disguise. In the process of getting though a crisis, we are taken deeper into the truth of who we are. This happens at a soul level; we are not always conscious of it until well after the fact.

I invite you to celebrate with me today. Honor the challenges that you have faced in your life. Consider how you are stronger because of them.

Give thanks for the ultimate gifts that these challenges brought--and if you cannot find the gifts, ask that they be revealed to you.

And remember that when we heal something in our own life, we carry that healing for others going through similar experiences. In this way we uplift one another and make the world a better place.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Laissez les bon temps rouler!!!

Listen to the All Can Heal Song to remember these three truths.