Beyond Karma: 11 Keys to Enlightened Being

Did you ever wish for a simple user's guide

to how things work in the universe?

The Universal Laws serve as this guide and yet, even people who have learned about them do not know how to work with them in a practical, easy way. They may know the Laws in theory but they do not know how to LIVE them.

And I have heard again and again from people who have studied the Laws with other teachers that they still don't even understand them. The universal laws are all-encompassing and complex. Without full understanding, they are difficult to navigate.

This is why your best efforts with the Law of Attraction, for example, may not be working for you as well as you had hoped. Chances are that you do not even know how or where you are out of alignment with the Laws. You unknowingly work against them.

Being misaligned with Universal Laws results in:

  • the accumulation of negative karma
  • painful life lessons
  • anger and resentment toward your fellow human beings
  • intense self-judgment
  • anger and resentment toward God

In this six-part training, we will explore the Laws in a way that is clear, easy, and direct. You will receive and work with my new Universal Laws Alignment Deck, a divinatory tool I created to help you identify and shift your energies as they relate to specific Laws that you have become misaligned with. You will also receive a handy quick reference guide that summarizes each law in one sentence!

More importantly, in addition to the deck and quick reference guide, you will receive energy activation empowerments to support you in shifting into new energies that align you with the most significant Laws. You will become activated to live in harmony with the universe, free of suffering. As you practice and apply the nine self-healing techniques that you receive in this training, you will:

  • Permanently free yourself from black magic directed toward you (or from you).
  • Rise above karmic suffering.
  • Embrace the flow of Grace in your life.
  • Forgive yourself and others quickly, fully, and easily.
  • Thrive in the present moment.
  • Support the highest good of all, naturally and always, in all ways.
  • Experience joy-filled gratitude for all life experiences.
  • Become one with your own light.
  • Become a beacon of light and love for others.

Enlightenment is an ever-unfolding process, not a final destination. The techniques offered in this training allow for a joyful exploration of the universe as you learn to celebrate your place within it. With this new-found knowledge, you will better understand and embrace your soul journey as you make newly empowered choices toward enlightened being.