Becoming Whole with Your Soul:

Soul Retrieval You Can Do For Yourself and For Others


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Do you ever feel that you are not all there?

Chances are that you have experienced what shamans in many cultures refer to as soul loss which has caused you to temporarily lose touch with important aspects of yourself.

Soul loss occurs when we experience trauma. Trauma can occur physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychically. We usually do not even realize that soul loss has occurred.

Through soul loss we become fragmented and depleted; we are only able to function with a fraction of the energies available to us. A snowball effect occurs: once we have experienced soul loss, we open ourselves up to more and more soul loss.

  • Soul loss affects all aspects of life.
  • Soul loss weakens relationships by inhibiting clear communication.
  • Soul loss blocks creativity and clouds clarity of focus.
  • Soul loss interferes with our ability to take action and blocks our ability to achieve success.
  • Soul loss depletes our physical energy and causes us to feel as if we are not all there.

The shamanic practice of Soul Retrieval calls back and integrates lost soul parts. It is typically done by a shaman during a soul retrieval session. In this class we will explore soul retrieval practices from a variety of traditions and learn the quickest and easiest way to restore lost soul parts back into the body.

You will receive energy activations that make it possible to retrieve your own lost soul parts--you don't need a shaman to do it for you! As pieces of your soul return and become integrated, you will:

  • Love yourself and others more deeply.
  • Discover new sources of joy and inner peace.
  • Feel inspired and empowered to create what matters most to you.
  • Complete important projects with ease and grace.
  • Communicate your truth clearly and effectively for increased impact.

There are Thirteen Chambers of the Heart which serve as gateways to the soul. The opening of these chambers facilitates soul retrieval in a deep, gentle, and easy way that does not require getting caught up in the story of why the soul left in the first place. There is no danger of getting lost in these chambers because they are a glorious part of you!

In this private 6-session training, you will learn to open your own chambers of the heart and call back your own soul parts. This comprehensive self-healing technique allows you to experience the full empowering effects of soul reunion through each of the chambers, any time you choose.

You will be able to call back your own soul parts--and celebrate their return--without relying on another healer to do it for you. It is a practice that you can use for the rest of your life.

After practicing on yourself, you will also learn to facilitate this life-enhancing work for others, both in person and at a distance. You will soon be able to perform full soul-retrieval sessions on friends, family, and clients, and will know which chambers of the heart to work through in specific cases, in which order, for best results.​

The heart-stretching effect of the soul retrieval spiral is amazingly powerful! Thank you for playing such an important role in bringing this technique through for us on earth!

C. S., Spiritual Teacher/Healing Practitioner

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Soul Retrieval Session

Experience a private soul retrieval session with Zabe, by phone, Skype, or Zoom. In a 1-hr. session, she will call as many lost soul parts back as possible from all 13 chambers of the heart. $155

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I can't believe how much the soul retrieval work is the kingpin of me. It has made all of the difference! Today as I examine how I feel, I find a subtle but powerful difference in my being...a shift in a barrier. An opening of something that has been closed...No pressure, just a tantalizing subtle sense of expansion of space...How great I feel. Warm and fuzzy. And thinking how special this is to feel this when when there is nothing overt to account for this. It is welling up from inside, not an outer experience. And to think that this is only the beginning. L.R., Spiritual Teacher and Coach

My therapist says I am like a new person. She asked what I had been doing differently and I told her about this class. She asked for your website . . . And we are only half-way through the course! S.G., Spiritual Seeker & Sage

After beginning this course, I was faced with a huge challenge at work, something that normally would have knocked me way off center. I practiced the techniques you gave me and was able to remain present and rise above the situation--and even discover new and better opportunities! This is amazing . . . A.O., Shamanic Healing Practitioner

I am blown away by the power of this work. I feel the energies moving through me, sometimes for hours after I practice--it literally moves my body. It is exciting and uplifting! H.R., Psychotherapist