An Angel Message

The first time that I heard someone talk about working with angels, I was very excited about the idea that people outside of the Bible were able to do this. But I did not think that I could connect with Angels. I thought that you had to be special or gifted in some way for Angels to choose to work with you. I meet a lot of people who think this. Perhaps deep down you believe this, as well.

I meet other people who focus on angels a lot. They talk about the angels in a fluffy, breezy way that does not embody much substance. Although their heads are filled with entertaining thoughts of communing with angels up in the clouds, their requests for angelic assistance are not getting the results they desire here on earth because they have not opened fully to the angelic power that is available.

I began strengthening my own angelic bond when I learned that angels come whenever you call them and that all you have to do is ASK. And so I did. I asked them to help me with everything. I asked for personal assistance for my daughter and me, and then later I asked for support in healing and helping others.

  • I had a team of line-backer angels who held back traffic so that I could get across busy roads.
  • I had one angel that I called on to help me pull the cord whenever I had to start the lawnmower, a task that my short arms were only able to do with the help of my long-armed angel.
  • I had a team of Nike angels who wore sports shoes and helped me "Just Do It" when I had to do painful exercises to heal my nerve-damaged legs.
  • I asked my angels communicate with my teenage daughter's angels whenever she was having a bad day (she usually apologized for being cranky or uncooperative within ten minutes of me calling on our relationship angels for help).
  • I imagined an entourage of angels packed around me like body guards when I volunteered at a rough New Orleans middle school that had been the scene of a shooting one year earlier. I never felt afraid with my angels around me, not even on the days when the school was locked down and we had to stay late because of threats of gang-violence that made it unsafe for teachers to walk to their cars.

In the beginning, I called on angels to do things FOR me: things that I perceived myself to be too weak to accomplish on my own. I realize now that this was a dis-empowered approach to co-creating with these amazing light beings. It worked for me for a short time; however, it wasn't long before they pushed me to go deeper. They wanted me to be more mature in my relationship with them.

I began doing healing work and calling angels in to work WITH me. People who could see angels reported really tall angels around me. At first I could not see them but I felt them in the room. And my clients reported feeling them while I worked—they insisted that there were extra pairs of hands touching them besides my own.

I also learned to channel messages from angels, a skill my mentor taught me to do to support the projects I was helping her with. I found myself in a constant dialogue with the angelic realm, something that has become a regular part of my daily life. I now teach others to channel angels, as well.

Then one day, everything shifted and I went even deeper in my work with angels. I began to channel them in a whole new way that did not involve words. The first time it happened was with Archangel Raphael. He actually came into my body and brought healing through me in a way that was mind-blowingly different from anything I had ever experienced before.

Then it happened with Archangel Michael. And then with Metatron. And Gabriel. And others. Their consciousness fused with mine as they guided my hands into positions to bring through their focused healing rays and codes of light like laser beams through my hands. They held my hands in certain positions; it was as if something else was controlling my body and I could not move on my own until they were done.

They began instructing me about how to share this work with others who report that this new way of working with angels takes them deeper than their previous angel work.

Through my own growth process in working with angels, I see the general trajectory of the healing journey laid out before me. Here is how it works, not only for me but for everyone, and not only for angel healing, but for all types of healing:

  • We dip our toe into the water and play a bit with a new energy, just for fun, to test if it works. Nothing high-stakes so no fear of failure. For example, we enlist the help of angels to find a parking place.
  • After working quietly with an energy for ourselves, we try it on a friend or family member. I called on angels to communicate with my daughter.
  • We begin working with strangers, trusting that they will receive benefit from their time with us. I called angels into healing sessions.
  • We become bolder and are better able to stretch into challenging situations like working in a violent school, knowing from deep within that the angels have our back.
  • We embody what we have learned. I now merge my presence with that of the angels so that they can work through me in a more empowered way.
  • We teach others to do what has worked so well for us. Many of us come to a place where we have to do this--we cannot bear to keep it to ourselves. 

I continue to teach others this work that has helped me so much with my own personal healing as well as with healing others. And in so doing, I am stretched even further.

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