About Zabe

(rhymes with Bobby, short for Elizabeth)

Sometimes we pray for something so hard that we get what we asked for . . .

and more . . . in very unexpected ways!

I discovered shamanism (Incan, Mayan, and Colombian) which brought some clarity. I became an avid student of shamanism, energy healing, and sacred geometry, taking every class I could, hoping to better understand those three magical days.

I received advanced formal training during a 10-year apprenticeship with a Mayan Elder who helped me to embody the multi-dimensional healing power from that three-day spiral ascent. She initiated me to the sacred Mayan teachings which I eventually taught others around the world to teach. I became internationally recognized within this Mayan lineage as a "master teacher" of healing, sacred geometry, and higher-dimensional "magic."

The All Can Heal Spiral System reflects the energies that were given during those three mystical healing days when the whole universe spiraled in me, around me, and through me. This work is now practiced by spiritual seekers, healing practitioners, and spiritual teachers in twenty-three countries . . . and counting!

As a teacher for 35+ years, I continue to focus on creating exciting new ways to share what I have learned. It is my mission to teach that healing is EASY, healing is FUN and UPLIFTING, and healing is readily available for ALL!!!

In 1997, I had a life-changing out-of-body experience that occurred spontaneously while praying to the Blessed Mother for healing. I had learned to say the Hail Mary prayer while teaching middle school English at a Catholic School in New Orleans--I figured Mary must have been a great mom because Jesus was surely not an easy child to raise . . . .

As I clutched the plastic glow-in-the-dark Rosary that a friend had brought back from Medjugoria, I suddenly found myself suspended within the Heart of ALL (the Heart of God), as I was flooded with multiple healing gifts. I could not move or speak for three full days while brilliant spirals of light, grace, and healing activated my body, mind, heart, and soul.

It was like being given all of the secrets of the universe. I needed help to make sense of what had just occurred.

I loved (and still love) sharing the Mayan healing traditions. And yet the spirals were calling me. They began appearing in dream-time in the form of seashells, revealing new ways to harness and direct their energies for faster, deeper, more efficient healing.

These new spiral healing techniques worked quickly and easily and deeply when I used them on myself and on clients and students--more quickly, more easily, and more deeply than anything else I had ever experienced! I soon was activating people's hands so that they could heal themselves. And it really worked!--more powerfully than I could have imagined!!!

Not only that . . . working with the spirals took me and my students to the deepest, most mystical places within ourselves where we can remember the full expressions of peace and love and joy in our lives.

Zabe takes healing to a new level. She takes the complex and makes it easy to understand. Her teaching shines and flows with grace and is spiced with brilliance . . . Being in her classes lets knowledge become wisdom. Zabe is a world class healer and teacher.

~Starr Fuentes, Master Healer / Spiritual Teacher