A Pearl of Healing Wisdom

My pug Pearl is one of my greatest teachers. Trust me when I tell you that it was not easy getting her to sit still for a photo. She reminds me to be active, to play often, and to maintain high levels of enthusiasm in all that I do.

I recently gave her an almost-empty peanut-butter jar. I thought she would enjoy licking out the remains. As you can see, Pearl has a smush-face. Her tongue is not terribly long and it does not hang out of her mouth, not even when she pants. I figured she would maybe be able to get to the peanut butter in the top quarter of the jar.

Pearl chased the jar around the room as she tried to get a better grip on it. She grabbed it with her paws and chewed around the edges. She licked and licked and licked. She somehow smashed the middle part of the jar so she could reach further in. She pushed it against pillows and furniture for leverage and reached even further. She worked at this project for hours.

Boy was I surprised when, that evening, I discovered that she had licked the jar almost entirely clean! Below is a record of her progress. Impressive!

Pearl’s triumph serves as a reminder of five important keys to healing:

  1. It is possible to rise above our short-comings to heal at levels we never thought possible: Pearl’s short snout didn’t stop her!
  2. We heal at greater levels when we employ strategies and techniques for healing: Pearl used tools to hold the jar in place.
  3. It helps to have a strong grip on your connection to the healing current that flows through you: Pearl grabbed onto her goal tightly with her paws.
  4. Persistence and perseverance pay off in the end: Pearl did not give up on getting what seemed just beyond her reach.
  5. We heal more when we enjoy the process: Pearl was excited about what she was doing and remained motivated to keep going.

May we all keep these keys in mind as we continue moving forward on our healing journey. I am holding space for you to surprise yourself with healing beyond what you think is possible. If Pearl can do it, so can you! So can we all!!!